Celtic Music

Here's a new page with some MP3 files of a few tunes from the Tuesday Night session played slow so you can learn them.

Recorded Tunes

Here's the full book of tunes from the Tuesday Night session at Lil Bo's.  We meet each Tuesday from 7:00pm to 9:00pm for a Northern Michigan Traditional Music Session.  It's available in .pdf and .abc format and once it's downloaded you can save it to your computer for printing.  Or, download to your iPad/iBook app to carry your music with you.

  • This is the current version (January 25, 2015) of the full Tune Book in PDF format: AllTunes.pdf
  • NEW!  Here’s a  collection of sets that we often play: TC Celtic Set List
  • Here are the Incipits for the above tune book (Jan 13, 2013): Incipits.pdf

Here are three books of sets from Ireland.  They are early addition copies of session set books.  Current versions of these sets are available for purchase on Amazon.

Please feel free to email any changes or corrections.

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